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GSPartners Checklist

Welcome To GSPartners

Please complete the checklists 1-7 to manage your

experience with your GSPartners accounts and increase your

Financial Literacy, Competence and Metaverse Education.

1 Reg Checklist
22-12-18-Ball 1.png


Registration Checklist


Richard Norris

True Liberty, LLC

Beverly Farner

Freedom Bell, LLC

23-05-25-Bev Farner QR Code.jpg
2 LW Checklist
22-12-18-Ball 2.png


Lydian World Checklist

22-11-13-LW Logo-2.jpg

1.) Lydian World Registration: Lydian World > register

*Once KYC approved in GSPartners*

2.) Link GSPartners and Lydian World Lydian World > profile icon > link account

(GSPartners KYC will now transfer to Lydian World KYC)

3 GST Checklist
22-12-18-Ball 3.png

GSTrade Checklist

22-11-12-Gold Std Trade Logo.jpg

1.) GSTrade Registration: GSTrade > register

2.) Link GSP & GST: GSPartners Global > profile > Generate GSTrade Link Token

3.) GSTrade Exchange > login > settings > link GSPartners Account

4 Kraken-Checklist
22-12-18-Ball 4.png

Kraken Checklist

1.) Setup your Kraken Cryptocurrency Account Kraken Sign-Up

5 Signal-Checklist
22-12-18-Ball 5.png

Signal Checklist

23-01-01-Signal Logo.jpg

1.) Download Signal for Android, iPhone, iPad, Desktop Mac iOS and Windows

2.) Connect to True Liberty 702-821-6166

6 Soc Media Checklist
22-12-31-Ball 6.png

Social Media Checklist

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube

1.) GSPartners Facebook: FaceBook GSPartners

2.) GS Digital Partners News Channel: Telegram GS Digital Partners News

3.) Lydian World Telegram: Telegram Lydian World

4.) G999 CommUNITY Chat:  Telegram G999commUNITY

5.) Global Empire Dream Team Telegram: Telegram Global Empire Dream Team

6.) Global Empire Dream Team Strategy and Round Table Meetings: www.G999.TV  Download Zoom to attend meetings

7.) Global Empire Dream Team YouTube: YouTube Global Empire Dream Team

8.) Alex Cocindau Instagram: Instagram Alex Cocindau

9.) Lydian World Instagram: Instagram Lydian World

7 GSPartners Info Checklist
22-12-31-Ball 7.png

1.) Click GSPartners Information and review the GSPartners Overview and GSPartners Rewards Plan

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